Photography Activities

While having the Sustainable Development Goals in constant focus, our aim is to capture content that are both locally and internationally relevant, such content that are capable of awakening public sensitivity to prevailing situations of socio-cultural existence.

Through our annual activities, we engage in photography projects, thematic exhibitions, image reviews, creative forums, master classes and exchange programs; that deliver knowledge, awareness, change and exciting creative experiences.

Abuja International Photo Festival

The festival is a week-long gathering of photographers from around the world where participants meet to explore artistic approaches as a tool for interrogating social progress. Its main activities include photo exhibitions, workshops, master classes, image reviews and photo walks. Participants enjoy sharing and exchanging knowledge during the events while looking into critical developmental issues and possible solutions.

Sister's Art

Sisters’ Art is our workshop and mentorship programme that provides insights, knowledge and exposure in the field and art of photography to aspiring and career female photographers, helping them understand what it takes to thrive and maintain creativity amidst the demands and responsibilities of daily living. The sessions are designed to be interactive and practical, providing access to mentorship relationships with experienced and established female photographers.

Activities for the Sisters’ Art programme take place during the Abuja International Photo Festival (AIPF) and during the commemoration of International Women’s Day in March every year.

Green Action

June 5th every year is World Environment Day. It is a day set aside by the United Nations to raise global awareness and action for the environment. In Nigeria, there are serious environmental challenges that directly or indirectly interfere with citizen’s enjoyment of human rights. Art for Humanity is committed to using the tool of visual storytelling to lead an effective awareness campaign that will bring informed knowledge to finding inclusive solutions for environmental degradation and climate change.

As part of global activities for World Environment Day 2020, Art for Humanity will organize a Photo Exhibition that highlights the impact of environmental degradation and climate change in Nigeria.

Framing for Progress

Framing for Progress is a photo competition that calls on photographers and photo enthusiasts across Nigeria to participate in a photography competition that requests the submission of images that visually give narratives of anti-corruption, good governance, human rights, social justice, quality education, women inclusion and peaceful coexistence.